The Future Fuel Hidden In Algae


algaeThere are many different kinds of alternative fuel sources studied and tested. It is important to find something that is not as detrimental to the environment as gasoline.

One of the fuel sources being observed is algae. Algae can convert biomass into fuel and many companies such as ExxonMobil are looking at this possibility in a serious manner.

Firstly, producing algae bio-fuels is still too expensive. Even so, Exxon has teamed up with Synthetic Genomics, a biotech firm, to create fuel using photosynthetic algae.

Some of the benefits that fuel made from algae has over other alternative fuel sources is that algae is one of the fastest growing plants and contains more energy per unit of weight, meaning more fuel can be made for less as opposed to other fuel sources.

Algae can generate more oil than other plants looked at for bio-fuel such as soybeans and corn. Also, the places where algae can grow are enormous, from various types of water like saltwater or freshwater locations to on land.

Many companies are trying to find ways to efficiently create bio-fuel from algae and if the results prove positive, this will be an enormous step forward for alternative fuel sources to gasoline that emits dangerous carbon monoxide.


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