Our Beauty Salons Can Really Be Greener


In a world, where organic is the key word for a better future, even beauty salon products for your hair could be ecologically clean and safe.

hair salonsOne unusual idea was launched recently in order to protect hair stylists and their clients. Soon at the beauty centers that care for greener improvement measures will be applied several changes.

There will be a new line, called “clean- air” salons. These salons are John Masters Company’s idea for preventing the consequence of the chemical beauty products usage.

John Masters even launched special products that dye the hair with herbal and free of ammonia products. With his products there will be no more of this typical smell, which is known as malodorous chemical and according to specialists might cause even a respiratory problem being also very bad for the skin.

The company of John Masters is suggesting brand new ideas for air-cleaning in the beauty salons, as well as new decision for hair lightening.

Masters is using only organic products and his dye-hair solution is based on only 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide. Normally the amount of this substance is more than 6 percent, which often causes irritation of the skin.

Masters Organic Edition can be found in his website. The prices vary between 50$ and $185 for a full hair coloring process.


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