Living Environmentally Friendly With Eco Clothing


Fashion today has become more geared to environmental preservation.

Eco clothing is an accepted world-wide trend in the fashion industry and is made by quite a number of medium and large scale enterprises.

Given the fact that a lot of branded clothing manufacturers are following the trend of eco clothing, designs such as tank-tops, trousers, dresses, T-shirts, short pants, and other notable everyday apparel actually follow these standards.

Not only has eco clothing been an acceptable way of life, it has also become a driving force to promote a more economic and environmental awareness for everyone to appreciate.

Its manufacturing fabrics are made from all-natural materials from raw materials to finish product. As of today, it is no surprise for many how such companies are able to help in promoting a greener future for future generations thanks to their efforts and promotions for eco clothing.

Today, there are an increasing number of eco clothing manufacturers that produce these products. When you purchase certain clothing that complies with eco standards, you can be assured that the materials have been carefully selected, manufactured, and distributed to live up to its name.

If you are new to the concept of eco clothing, then here are the different kinds available out in the market today:

1. Hemp clothing

    Hemp is a natural fabric used to make eco clothing. Its uses for manufacturing clothing can be dated back since the 16th century, and eventually used in today’s line of clothing.

    This eco clothing style boasts a complete line of apparel for men, women and children alike. They are complete with jackets, shirts, pants, and even shoes made of hemp.

    2. Free trade apparel

      Free trade apparel is a good example of eco clothing. Coming from the term “free trade” itself, you can be assured that these clothes are manufactured from the most natural of fabrics made from organic cotton, and colored with natural dyes such as vegetable oil and floral coloring extracts.

      The term “free trade” also means that it is made by members of a cooperation coming from non-industrial countries to help its locals in producing good money to help sustain their families.

      3. Organic cotton apparel

        This refers to a type of eco clothing standard which does not use traditional cotton for manufacturing clothes.

        Instead, manufacturers use organic cotton which is grown using environmental standards such as non use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals that are used in growing tradition cotton.

        The use of organic cotton in apparel boasts a good way of incorporating dye colors to produce an assortment in shade; instead, these cottons are grown in earth colors and do not fade as they get older.

        Regardless of what fabric is used to manufacture and promote eco clothing, the fact remains that it is an accepted alternative to traditional clothing which do not help in the preservation of our environment.

        Purchasing eco clothing does not only help in the preservation of the environment, but it also contributes to the cause in aiding foundations that manufacture them. Y

        ou can be assured that from the time eco clothing was made to the time it is actually purchased from merchandise stalls, its very existence is derived from the best of intentions.


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