LG Chem Makes A Step Forward For Ecology


LG Chem is a brand that relays on its promises. Recently the company was said to focus more on ecology innovation and improvements. We just forgot about their decision, because we have seen many promises from the biggest players on the market, but few of them were really completed. Facts show that LG Chem is going to build a huge lithium-ion battery plant in Michigan.

The significant project will cost nearly $303 million and the money are received by U.S. Department of Energy, which has approved the LG’ s plan.  The plant will be built on 650,000 square-foot area. The plant is going to supply battery packs for the Volt PHEV.

lg chem

Part of the money will be given by U.S.Department of Energy. LG Chem is said to invest more than $151 million in the battery plant.

Meanwhile, the project must be ready in 2010. The opening of the LG’s plant will offer more than 400 jobs, as well as special training for the stuff in Michigan. The bold project is yet another LG step to improve ecology and environment with ambitious initiatives.


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