If We Would Have To Pay In Cash We Would Care More


I guess that even though, today, we are all aware that our way of living does much damage to our planet, we still don’t care enough to do something about it.  Governments all over the world along with many different environmental organizations, try to let us know how much our actions are hurting the Earth. Different types of propaganda including expensive TV campaigns seem not to be enough. I wonder why?

pollutionAs I have said, we are all aware of it, we all know what is right and what is wrong, I mean, that much influence should have brain washed us by now.

But something is not working, as it should. I think the main reason for this is the fact that if something disastrous were to happen to our planet from all the pollution, it would definitely be somewhere in the future.

And we all refuse to see the big picture. Why should we care since we would all be dead by then, and it doesn’t seem so scary for us now? It seems to me that we don’t care enough for our future generations, for our own kind, and for the world.

If I had the power I know what I would do. Let’s just say that I know what we, people care about the most. It is the money…the absolute power of the “cash”.

garbage dumpingSo if there were laws that would reach into our pockets every time we litter on the street, things would be a lot different.

What I am trying to say is that a super large fine for all the garbage dumping, polluting on larger or smaller scale, and the disrespects for nature of any other kind, will sober up all of us.

No one would like to pay cash for his mistakes; therefore no one will make any. And I’m sure this applies for everyone, from any individual to the largest company in the world. It only seems fair to me, that if people care about money they should pay for hurting the world they are getting them from.

It may appear that all of this is a bit drastic, but I call for drastic measures only because I believe that it is the only way to get drastic improvements. We have already been informed, we have already been warned, and it did not help. So, when it is not enough to only raise the awareness on the matter, then something drastic is required to get the desired results. No doubt the world is turned by the “green” but it is not the “green” that I recognize as the right one. In order to change that I propose a punishment that will fit the crime.

I saw a major step towards all of this in the newly instated law in Great Britain that forces payment for any unauthorized garbage disposal. On the other hand the latest incident makes this unimportant to me. The “Transfigura” accident that involves sulphured hydrogen waste dropped on the African shores and a lot of strings pulled to cover it all up is surely a proof that we are still far from anything concrete. Even the media is afraid to expose this accident on the Ivory Coast. They probably fear lawsuits so they are prepared to let it all go.

All in all, there could be some light at the end of the tunnel; at least I would like to think so. The instatement of the law may be a small step that will start things moving towards something bigger, something that will help, a final solution.


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