Greener The Grass, Greener The Grass Mower


The idea of creating an eco mower turns to be useful for everyone that embraces the green life style. A brand new Eco mower burns propane and it is made with an internal combusting engine. Since propane is naturally gaseous at air pressure; the mower eliminated the inefficiency of the carburetor and doesn’t need to turn liquid gasoline in a vaporized form.

eco mower

According to the producers of the Eco mower, the usage of this brand new device reduces greenhouse emissions down to 26 percent, as well as the bad carbon monoxide. For those of you that think green, the eco mower is able to reduce 60 percent of the bad carbon emissions.

Hence the basic fuel of the mower is propane; you will not have to face greasy buildup and flooded engines that often happen with mowers, powered by gasoline. The new mower doesn’t produce any carcinogens. The bonus isn’t only because this mower is green; it mows for nearly 90 minutes, which is 40 percent longer than a standard mower.


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