Green For Facade But Allowing Smoking


Lately each hotel and building gets a special certificate for green qualities. There are also programs that certify the air quality, green options and sustainable building.

These programs seem to forget one thing – how about smoking? According to several researches in the biggest green buildings and hotels in the U.S. that are already certified by these programs, smoking is allowed.

smokingOne of the leading programs – U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) allows smoking in the guest-rooms without any restriction.

Their excuse is a special air clean system in these rooms that eventually absorbs the smoke. According to experts this will only make it worse as it keeps the toxins inside of the smoking area, which is dangerous.

That is why the green researchers plead for new green lodging certification programs that will entirely ban the smoking in their requirements. With this goal the green programs finally will certify “real” green lodges.


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