Google Maps Include Bike Lanes For A Greener Travel Option


There is no doubt why Google Inc is one of the most valuable companies. Ever since releasing its Google famous maps, the company is adding more and more improvement in order to satisfy every client of theirs.

Lately the company is adding a new green touch to their world famous and most often used maps. This time there will be bike line as an online option, when you are using Google maps.

google mapsThis useful guidance is especially for pedestrians, motorists and bikers, who wish to find new routes or simply want to know if they would be able to make it on the bike to the place they have chosen.

The directions of this new brand option are guiding every biker as it displays stops, terrains and ability for bike parking places. The new service of Google is only available in USA, but soon it will be brought to the rest of the world. Their new online option for showing bicycling trails and green travel opportunities is available in more than 150 cities in USA and the number is increasing due to an amazing interest in Google’s latest service.


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