Fluorescent Lamps – Bad For The Environment


In almost every house there is a fluorescent light bulb. We were thinking that they are actually energy saving and perfect for any household needs, but apparently that is wrong. This is not exactly so, according to London researchers that reveal fluorescent lamps are actually bad for the environment.

Fluorescent LampsThe researches stated facts that 75 percent of the used fluorescent light bulbs are thrown away and are not recycled at all – simply because there is no special method for recycling the florescent bulbs. This statement is very important, since these light bulbs contain hazardous materials such as amount of mercury that cannot be reused.

Yes, fluorescent lamps last 15 times longer than normal ones, but still their re-usage is impossible due to unknown yet recycling way. The London researchers are advising us to exchange the fluorescent lightening with normal or energy saving ones; hence they at least could be recycled and sent for re-usage.


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