Ecological Lighting For The Future Greener Planet


The last report of US Department of Energy has been very clear that lightening represents nearly 12 percent of energy consumption for homes, as well as 25 percent for commercial consumption. These figures are not very satisfying.

There is one company that is going to offer less energy consumption with a brand new system of lightening.

Digital Lumens has been working on their project for LED light fixtures since long time ago. The result is already on the market.

smartlightTheir innovative structure offers energy saving up to 90 percent, compared to the typical HID light. Their intelligent light engines possess several options and are easy to set up.

Another bonus of using this green lighting is their smart light grid that represents a lighting network, which allows all the fixtures in the system to communicate and provide usage to the management system.

The Digital Lumens systems are able to manage effectively their light source and energy usage.


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