Ecological Binders Are Climbing To The Top Of Construction Materials


Ecological BindersMany buildings are becoming environmentally friendly, this not only aids the environment, but also our own health since we live in this environment.

One of the newer green construction materials out there that is gaining in popularity is the ecological binders for the construction of these green buildings.

One of the more popular ecological binders for construction is made from a natural hydraulic lime. It is created by grounding up clay calcium carbonate, which is then baked at high temperatures and then added water.

It also needs less energy to be produced than cement does and while cement cracks over decades, lime wears down over hundreds of years saving money in repairs, being easier to repair than cement.

It is beneficial also because it absorbs moisture easier and is not adversely affected by salt like most cement types are and helps to increase its longevity and prevent health issues.

Other types of binder material generate ash, silica fume and other various pollution factors. Ecological binders can also provide better insulation than their unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly counterparts.

There are a variety of different kinds of binders that can be used. Researching not only the prices of how much it would cost to purchase, but how often it will need to be repaired and how much it will cost is also very important because one may cost more in the long run than another, so research and be picky.


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