Black Sea Garbage Becomes Energy


There are many green projects for Black Sea in Europe. Romanian, Turkish and Bulgarian researches are experiencing ways to produce energy from the trash that lies at the sea bottom.

There are some major projects for creating a plant for incineration of all types of waste, which will produce electricity and steam. The amount of investment is 80 to 100 million euro; the exact amount will be announced after clarifying how much trash will be burned.

black seaThe technology is unique and allows full process without any kind of waste residue to produce electricity and steam. The feed gas that will be released is below the minimum acceptable for the EU. Moreover, the litter from the trucks will be directly poured into the hopper of the plant.

There is another Turkish research that studies the deep layer of hydrogen at the Black Sea bottom. According to the researchers, hydrogen sulfide that is poisonous gas is presented in large quantities in the Black Sea.

The gas is trapped between layers of salty sea water and inflowing river waters. Sooner or later, the problem must be solved, because in a long-term that might be a threat for millions, who are living in that area.


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