Be Eco-Friendly By Using Green Bags


Oftentimes we don’t realize how much plastic we use and dispose of in our daily lives, not knowing how much we contribute to polluting the environment.

Thankfully, there is increased awareness for the use of green bags, which are also known as reusable shopping bags. Green bags are the answer to the plastic bags we use every day, which we can use several times over.

Why we should start using green bags instead of plastic bags?

  • Plastic bags are extremely harmful to the environment, because they take millions of years to decompose. This leaves them sitting around in landfills and trash disposals, and sometimes people have to resort to getting rid of this trash by burning it, therefore emitting toxins into the ozone.
  • The production of plastic bags involves carbon dioxide, which is one of the major toxic chemicals that destroy our ozone.
  • The production of plastic bags also involves the use of large amounts of oil and gas, which can be used in other beneficial means such as cooking and heating.
  • Unlike green bags, plastic bags are harmful to the environment when it comes to production and are very weak products when it comes to carrying goods, just one or two times’ use and they are ready to break.
  • Plastic bags, unlike green bags, are also very detrimental to the environment. Research has shown that thousands of marine mammals die every year because careless people toss their plastic bags where it ends up in the ocean, consumed by fish, which will cause them death.

Here are the other benefits of using green bags:

  • Green bags come in a variety of designs and sizes, and can also come in very fashionable designs. These are the bags we should take with us whenever we do the groceries or shopping, to avoid the careless building up of plastics in our home.
  • They are much better because they are made of various materials such as canvas, fibers, and other strong types of fabric that allow them to be used many times over.
  • The next time you’re at the grocery, don’t be fooled into thinking that using their available paper bags instead of plastic would be a better alternative. Green bags are still better, because paper bags have their own set of environmental problems. Thousands of trees need to be cut down in order to produce paper bags, which are also sometimes known as brown bags.
  • It’s easy to keep them at home in store with your other clothing goods. They are strong and durable so we do not litter or throw them away, where they can potentially end up in landfills or consumed by animals.
  • Green bags are very easy to find, and are also very affordable. If you are also buying a lot, think of the hassle that you have to go through carrying several different shopping bags when you can only be carrying one or two efficient green bags.


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