From Rainwater Harvesting to Renewable Power Generation: 7 Amazing Bus Shelters with Eco-Friendly Features


-Amazing Outdoor Benches That Make Sitting Down A Real Pleasure.

1. Urban Nights

Designed by the folks at Runge in Germany (specialists in benches), this bench is constructed with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainable wood, and it’s fitted with soft, green LED (light-emitting diode) lighting.

urban nights

The LEDs require very little energy, and the lighting is subdued so as to not pollute the evening sky with unnecessary illumination.

urban nights led bench

2. Eco Bus Shelter

Check out this amazing bus shelter that’s been designed by Ramesh Kanth. The Eco-Friendly Bus Shelter is not just a place to hide out from the rain while waiting for the bus, it also comes equipped with a rainwater harvesting system.

eco shelter

Instead of just allowing rain water to flow off of the bus shelter into the stormwater system, rain that falls on this bus shelter lands on the rooftop, gets funneled into an unpaved area which then allows the water to slowly percolate into the groundwater table. It’s another great example of how bus shelters can be remade.

eco bus shelter
eco bus shelter1
eco bus shelter 2

3. Solar Bench

This simple bench design by Solar Inside integrates thin-film solar panels that collect energy throughout the day that provides both wi-fi and power for lights at night.

solar bench

To add to the green credibility, these benches are made from recycled aluminum and plastic.

solar bench 1

solar bench

4. Biodegradable Biotube Bench

Made from biodegradable recycled cardboard, this Bio Tube Bench designed by Julia Lwin literally grows! He was quoted in Treehugger as saying: “The Biotube bench is really an experimental ‘ephemeral’ or seasonal bench – so it will indeed biodegrade – the real point being the individual (1/4” thick walled) recycled tubes which are manufactured for rolling carpets and fabrics are perfect containers to grow seedlings from.

The seating concept is really secondary, however in it’s non degraded state it is very durable and quite comfortable.

bio tube bench

Each individual seed saturated tube can be positioned in an outdoor urban or domestic environment (the cardboard tubes can be filled with newspaper/soil/sawdust etc to assist with the mulching) add water and sunlight – a garden is formed.

biotube bench

The photo showing the bench with seedlings is an indoor example of how the bench could look before it biodegrades in to an organic mulch bed – as an indoor bench the tubes work very well as a planter!”

5. Petal Bench

From designer Je Sung Park, this Petal Bench is a fantastic creation. Fitted with a solar photovoltaic array, the bench collects sunlight during the day, which it then uses to light up the area at night. Plus, like a blossoming flower, the Petal Bench unfurls as the seats come down to create a fun, cheerful sitting space.


These unique and spunky benches are really a functional replica of nature—they follow the sun during the day, open wide to gather the sunshine, and then they close up like flowers at night as the sun dips below the horizon.

petal bench

6. Fitness First Outdoor

If eating less is environmentally-friendly (and it is), then this bench is a great solution, though perhaps a bit invasive.


Developed for a Dutch fitness club, the bench weighs people using an internal scale and displays the results—to the whole world! May make you think twice about eating that extra hamburger or those GMO corn tortillas…

7. Heated Outdoor Bench

Made with concrete, this outdoor bench flows with warm, steamy sewage! Pedestrians and commuters no longer have to sit on a stone cold bench while waiting for a ride.

heated outdoor bench

Instead, as the grey water from the local sewage facility flows through it, it stays nice and toasty warm (15 degrees C or about roughly 60 F). The heated outdoor bench was designed by two University of Quebec Design students, Corinne Farmer and Clara Charbonneau’s Béton Armé.


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