25 Quick Ways To Make A Lasting Impact On The Earth And The Environment

  1. recycleWalk short distances, do not use a car. Get exercise and save the planet at the same time.
  2. Learn and research about hybrid cars so you actually understand and use them.
  3. Use a bicycle in place of your car whenever it is possible.
  4. Consider car sharing or ride sharing.
  5. Learn about and research electric cars so you actually understand them.
  6. Look into public transport; not only will you help to save the environment you will also save on wear and tear to your car as well as save on money.
  7. Look into alternative fuel sources for your household’s cars.
  8. Whenever it is possible utilize bio fuels.
  9. Learn about alternative fuel sources in general.
  10. Look into grants that are available in your area or by your state government that aid in installing alternative fuel supplies.
  11. Consider heavily solar panels.
  12. Also look into and investigate wind power as an alternative fuel source.
  13. When grocery shopping, inquire as to if the product is locally made and if not find out if there is an alternative to that product that was locally made.
  14. Always buy organic produce. This means the produce has been prepared without any chemicals. Chemicals could harm you and chemicals could harm the environment.
  15. Consider looking into and getting an allotment.
  16. Don’t buy food that is out of season, stick to foods that are in season. This will be cheaper and it costs less to produce.
  17. Not into gardening? Don’t have a green thumb? You can still grow a small garden with fruits and vegetables.
  18. Buy local produce always.
  19. Always buy recycled paper.
  20. Recycle your Christmas decorations this year! And, recycle all birthday wrappings and decorations.
  21. Never again use a plastic bag or accept a plastic bag from the grocery store. Buy a canvas or fabric shopping bag today and keep it in your car or with you at all times.
  22. Compost! Make a compost bin and use this compost to grow vegetables in the garden you are going to plant. Recycle all kitchen and garden waste in this compost.
  23. Recycle everything you can to keep waste out of our landfills.
  24. Not only should you be recycling items but also reusing them. The new term for reusing is ‘repurposing’. Begin repurposing your goods and materials today by making them into something new.
  25. You can easily reduce the waste that you create by no longer printing off emails, use the back of pieces of paper when taking notes or phone messages and reuse envelopes when possible.


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