The Right Management Of The Fish Farms May Make The World Food Supply Safer


Seafood is one of the most traded food in the world and it’s consumed by 3 billion people world-wide.

fish farmingThe aquaculture of fish farming is now turning to be the world’s fastest-growing food supply sector. One of the global issues in this area is the lack of good coordination in the seafood supplies.

According to many leading experts increasing the price of the fish products is on the table to reflect the diminishing resources of fish.

The right management of the fish farming is now depending on the development of the countries. Martin D. Smith, associate professor of environmental economics at Duke University warns that fish food supplies needs better and more efficient management.

The professor also added, that “farming seafood has great promise for enhancing food security but is also threatened when regulations fail to protect the supporting ecosystems”.

seafoodSeveral researches of working groups from 20 leading experts in this area are noticing that global food security could be improved by several acts: increased aid from developed countries and clear conditions for seafood infrastructure in developing countries.

According to the work group the import coming from the leading countries in fish-farming needs to encourage the usage of the resources wisely for a sustainable future.


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