The Real Scoop On Non Renewable Energy: Advantages And Disadvantages


Fossil fuelNon renewable energies seem abundant as they are talked about all the time by individuals and organizations and corporations trying to encourage and promote environmentalism and living more green lifestyles.

Some renewable energy like oil, coal, and gas seem very abundant and actually some environmentalists believe that if we channel our efforts correctly with these non renewable energy sources we are setting future generations up for success and they will have plenty of these non renewable energy resources to work with.

Other non renewable energy sources like gasoline, propane, natural gas, uranium, petroleum products and diesel fuel are used for nuclear energy.

These same environmentalists see our forests, plant life and trees as non renewable energy sources that we need to nurture and keep our eye on due to the deforestation of our forests.

A major advantage to utilizing non renewable energy sources is that currently, these non renewable energy sources are affordable and very much available.

As far as powering our vehicles, diesel and oil are still the best choices for these purposes. Diesel and oil are still the best choices for powering our vehicles because they are easier in production phases and they are both quite easy to use.

In addition, non renewable energy resources have a market value that enables the supplier and the manufacturer to make money and they pay the employees, which then in turn helps the economy greatly.

Bottom line is that non renewable energy resources can also be used as a bargaining tool across the world with different government agencies.

There are a few disadvantages to utilizing non renewable energy resources, however it is up to the individual person to determine if and how the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, which in most cases they do. For example, there is the supply issue of non renewable energy resources.

Once we use all the non renewable energy sources there will be no more non renewable energy sources; they will be gone. And this means for future generations there will be no more non renewable energy sources.

Also, there is the issue of pollution and the fact that pollution grows greater after the bi-products of non renewable energy. Those bi-products from non renewable energy sources will eventually cause damage to the planet through the environment.

Fossil fuels undoubtedly contribute to the process of global warming as well. After time it would be difficult to break the human dependence and the habits of people on non renewable energy sources.


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