Redwood Trees In Danger With Fog declination In California


The last scientific reports from Berkeley, University of California shows а distress signal for certain eco-species of Redwood trees.

redwood treesTeams of scientists and researchers found out that coastal fog in California is diminishing with every single day. This can be extremely dangerous for the redwood trees, whose system depends on the fog, especially on the humid climate and coolness of the fog.

The summer fog is known for keeping the water loss from redwood system, especially in the hot summer.

This fact plus the major increasing in the temperatures during this last decade causing the loss of the redwood trees alarmed the experts. The fog has been diminishing in the last century from 56 percent to 42 percent. This percents are bad news for the entire ecosystem of coastal region, because simply that means; the loss of the fog during three hours every day.

RedwoodThe scientific team is alarming that the combination between humid coast and warm conditions is the major character of California climate, but the changes in the temperatures, which are enormous compared to the last century, might actually cause the loss of the summer fog.

If that happens, Redwood trees are the next eco-species to disappear. The research team will offer some preventing measures to keep the summer fog, aiming to save the future of the redwood trees.


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