Nature Changing Favors The Violent Species Even In Flora


A recently concluded study by Harvard University scientists regarding the steady decline among native plants and an increase in the invasive plant, discovered that the climate changes over the years is responsible for it.  It has been the result of analyzing data for the last 150 years.

florasNative plants are not adjusting well with the changing climate. They have not been able to change their flowering patterns to suit the climatic changes. This has resulted in their flowering during sub-optimal time. This in turn affects the survival and reproduction of these plants and is slowly pushing them towards extinction in many cases.

On the other hand invasive plants are sturdy and easily adapt to changing climes. They have successfully changed with the changing climate thus timing their flowering period with optimal climate. These plants can become more aggressive with the changing climate.

Study of data collected by the renowned scientist Henry David Thoreau has revealed that non-native plants are able to change their seasonal functions of germination, producing new leaves and shoots and flowering by as much as three weeks to benefit from the changes in the climate. On the other hand native plants don’t show such traits hence are losing out to the invasive species.


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