Mercury Waste Contaminates The Water Of Spain


mercury miningMercury mining in Spain has created health issues due to the release of mercury into the water.

Mercury is extremely toxic to the neurological system of the body and can cause deformities in children, sterility in adults and even death.

When mercury is in the water, fish and other forms of aquatic life end up getting it in their system and if consumed by people there are so many hazards that can be experienced.

Public opinion and battles by organizations such as Greenpeace are hoping to do something about the use of mercury and mining for it that causes so many unpleasant events.

Certain rivers in Spain have been found to have mercury 500 times greater than normal.

There are organizations trying to raise awareness as to the hazards of mercury and how it can prove a hazard to cycle of life of many creatures, from ocean life to human life.

Other organizations are working to phase out the use of mercury in products and hopefully that will also help in cutting down the mining for mercury because there will be less of a demand for it.

However, because of the rivers already being polluted many people are at risk of serious health issues that could not only affect them, but any children they plan to have.


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