Koala Bears In Danger To Be Extinct


Koala BearsThe koala bear population of the Australia suffered in the last period a very important decline because of the urban development, the global warming and the forest fires that followed it.

This is how the Australian koala bears are in the danger of becoming completely extinct in the next 30 years after the population reached only 43.000 – 80.000 members from 100.000 estimated by the scientists watching over the species.

The koala bears are starting to disappear all over the world, the main cause being extremely well known and underlined by the LA Australian Koala Foundation.

The tree cutting and habitat destruction is the main cause for this increasing reduction of koala number. There is a quest by the koala lovers towards the Canberra authorities, urging them to declare koala an endangered species and stop the destruction of their habitat.

The koala bears live in the eucalyptus forests from the east and the south of Australia and are known because of the fact they are sustained only by the consumption of eucalyptus leaves.

In the north of Queensland, where ten years ago lives 20.000 koalas, after four days of research the team of scientists could find none.

Unfortunately the governmental commission has rejected in 2006 the request of including the koalas on the endangered species list but the matter will be revised next year and the environmentalist organizations are doing their best to solve the matter.


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