Jordans Cereals Switches To Palm Oil Rather Than Preservatives


Jordans, one of the British leading companies in cereal producing, informed that till the end of the year they will start to use 100 percent palm oil.

Jordans Cereals

The Certificated Sustainable Palm Oil, called CSPO is often used by cereal makers, which are aiming to limit the synthetic preservatives in the cereals.

Jordans are using around 500 tones palm oil annually and according to their founder Bill Jordan supplies of CSPO are hard to find.

Plantations of sustainable palm oil need to be certificated by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, in order to be used.

jordan cereals

There are several certificated suppliers of palm oil in the world. One of them, which Jordan uses, is the plantation in Papua New Guinea that is said to be one of the finest.

Despite the decision of Jordans to increase the use of palm oil to 100 per cent, Greenpeace is appealing for restriction of gas emissions from palm oil production.


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