Chinese Ambassador Panda Bear Launches The Countdown To The Earth Hour 2010


pandaSaturday March 27th at 20:30, millions of people from all the continents will turn of the lights for an hour to show the world there is something that can be done for the global warming issue.

Mei Lan, the panda bear that became a Chinese ambassador was named the Earth Hour symbol for 2010.

The bear will start its diplomatic career by starting the countdown to the Earth Hour in the native town Chengdu, the first town in China that joined the campaign in 2010. The panda bears live in Chengdu since 8 million years ago.

The Earth Hour manifestation comes as a global community step towards adopting an ecological lifestyle, showing the leaders of the planet the right way to approach global warming.

The Earth Hour campaign started in 2007 and since then enrolled 88 countries all over the world.


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