Behold the Wind City of Green Energy: Europe’s Newest Tradable Good?


When it’s up to find the best sources of sustainable energy, the winds of Norway seem to have hit the jackpot. The project Norway is planning to finance involves harvesting the wind energy through an off shore turbine network that will be placed near the fiords.

The Turbine city will be built on the coast of Stavanger and it will turn Norway into an authority in providing Europe with a powerful source of sustainable energy.

The geographical position of Norway is allowing it to be the owner of half of the continent’s hydro power based energy. Since UE has set a target that at least 20% of the continent’s energy should come from a sustainable source, Norway faces the opportunity of being the main exporter of this type of power.

In spite of all the advertisement done for turning to green energy in order to save our planet, the wind farms project is still meeting resistance from different groups which are misunderstanding its purpose.

The Turbine city will be a cosmopolite source of energy and will include a vacation resort, with a hotel, a museum and several other attractions.

Leaving apart the fact that the idea of creating such an amazing project will save a large part of the world from the “sin” of having to run on conventional energy sources, the project will move the old Europe a few giant leaps forward into a greener and sustainable future based on social and natural responsibility.

Source: onoffice


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