5 Interesting Lighting Advances: From Focused LEDs To Solar-Powered Floor Lamps


Light. We need it to function every single day. We use it during sunlight hours and at night to provide illumination to the darkest corners of our indoor spaces. But lighting traditional lamps and bulbs requires electricity, most of which is derived from dirty sources like coal. So here are some innovative ideas that are changing the lighting landscape.

1. Day_Night Lamp by Od-Do

Get into solar with one of these futuristic DAY-NIGHT lamps by designer Od-Do Arhiteckti. Lighting makes up one of the biggest drains on our electric bills, so powering your light fixtures with solar is incredibly money-saving.

This lamp has photovoltaic cells incorporated into its structure as well as an on-board battery to store the energy until the evening.

Simply tilt the collectors to take full advantage of the sun, then reposition the lamp after dark to light-up your indoor space. The LED light bulbs used in the system make it supremely efficient.

2. Lights In Parts Only

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) will definitely become common light fixtures in homes around the world in the coming decades. They’re ultra-energy efficient (much more than CFLs – compact fluorescents) and provide a very good quality of light.

This new fixture by Seokjae Rhee is one of the more interesting ones recently released. It can be modified on the fly to provide light exactly where you want it.

According to the design, “the bulb has six distinct sections to it, and via the remote control you can change the brightness and direction of the lights.

The theory is that we use many bulbs and light sources in a room and most of the time they are unnecessary. This one bulb can be powerful enough to illuminate the entire room or segments which light-up required areas only.”

3. Liquileds Light Bulbs

LEDs are showing up all over the place, with Liquidleds being another new innovation in the energy-efficient lighting field. One of the biggest challenges with any lighting technology, including LEDs, is to minimize the amount of energy wasted to heat. With a regular incandescent bulb, about 90% of all the energy drawn by the bulb is converted into wasted heat, which is why they are so incredibly inefficient.

CFLs do a much better job at staying cool, but if you’ve ever seen an LED in person, you’d know that these are by far the best—cool to the touch. And now, Liquidleds have gone further in the fight against heat-loss by making their LEDs cool by encasing them in liquid-filled incandescent-shaped bulbs. They can be used for a variety of applications, and look kind of cool, too.

4. Tubular Skylights

And if you want a way to illuminate your indoor space with natural sunlight but can’t get a window to interior rooms, then you’ll want to look into installing tubular skylights. Like regular skylights, these are installed on your roof to bath your rooms with natural sunlight.

(Photo By : stevendamron )

But instead of clear glass, they are fitted with diffusers that scatter the light into your indoor spaces. And since they have reflectors inside the tubes, they can bounce light from your rooftop deep inside your home, several floors down. Popular installer options include Solatube, VELUX’s SUN TUNNEL, and the SunPipe.

5. Bic Biro Chandelier

For a bit of the extraordinary, check out this chandelier constructed of clear polystyrene barrels of 347 recycled Bic pens.

The Bic Biro Chandelier as it is being called, also makes use of 347 paper clips and was designed by Spanish design company enPieza.


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