You Are What You Wear


organic clothesWith the years passing, the nature is more and more affected by the constant need of mankind for resources, regardless the field they are used in, this resulting in severe damage of the green areas till modern times untouched by civilization.

In spite of being hard or even impossible to stop by the ordinary people, the damaging effect can be diminished by the simple every day activities that are not destroying the environment.

From planting trees to recycling everything is welcomed. If these seem hard to do, there is one thing very easy and equally important and that is the acquisition of ecological clothing and accessories. In order to produce the cotton, that is the traditional resource for the every day jeans, around 340 grams of pesticides and industrial fertilizers are used daily. The eco clothes are made of organic cotton and bamboo.

Through organic agriculture the release of the green house effect gases into atmosphere is getting thinner and the percentage of energy used is lower by 50 %.

Even more, the bamboo is a plant with a rapid growth rhythm which encourages the sales of this type of products especially during summer.

The flip –flops and the sandals are the ideal solution and are nature friendly. For example the “Ipanema” line is made of 100% recycled materials in order to keep the feet and the environment healthy.


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