US President Personally Involved In Everglades Restoration


The White house’s support to Everglade restoration has evoked mixed responses. The environmentalists are celebrating and have welcomed the appointment of Terrence Salt, on a key post in the White House. On the other hand the Miccosukee, the American Indian tribe, a very unhappy and are crying foul.

The Everglade restoration project has been under consideration for the last decade and the federal responses have been lukewarm. The Florida state has spent six times the amount the federal government has spent. This renewed interest has been welcome by the state and the project is now expected to escalate and be completed soon.

The project aims at restoring the natural flow of water and also at cleaning the polluted water in the entire ecosystem. This makes the environmentalists very happy but the Miccosukee tribe claim the congress is discriminating against them and is undermining legal rights of the tribe.

Officials representing Obama administration are expected to visit the restoration sites for the ground breaking ceremonies. They are expected to participate in the ensuing four days conference. Nancy Sutley will speak at 25th Everglades Coalition Conference, Palm Beach Gardens.


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