UK Is Stepping Forward To Support Biodiversity


This week will be marked in London by an international meeting led by British and Brazilian ministers which aims to set the targets in environmental protection for a very long period of time.

Delegates of 55 countries will discuss the possible and most beneficial ways to protect the Earth’s biodiversity, being well known that various species are disappearing every day and that human exploitation of resources has reached a critical point.

One of the objectives of the meeting is to establish the main points which shall be discussed during the UN Biodiversity Summit (planned to take place this coming October). The participant governments are also willing to discuss in a manner which could actually sum all opinions for a wise conclusion without amplifying the differences, the way that last month’s summit in Copenhagen did.

2010 is the year when the last target in biodiversity (set in 2002) expires and, unfortunately, the rate of biodiversity is still decreasing. The new goal will be set for another 10 years and the only way to achieve it is by putting an end to the destructive policies that harm nature’s balance, from unauthorized fishing and hunting to water and air pollution.

In order to do that, it is expected that about 15 percent of the Earth’s territory (both land and water) to be declared protected and looked after. The communities that will benefit most from the conservation of biodiversity are the poor ones, but on long term, the whole population of the Earth will feel the advantages of treating it with respect and consideration.

Source: BBC


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