The Logical Reason To Consider Why We Should Choose A Green Life


healthy foodsAs I was growing up in a family that used to have great respect for nature  I was taught to recycle, save resources, stay away from unhealthy food, actions and behavior and I have to say it was hard to connect with the children of my age.

As a child I was taught to be responsible, to respect the life around me and to know that making nature pay I will make myself pay eventually.

Recently I have discovered certain connections among the new eco information and the different efforts to improve our health.

In the book “The hundred year lie” written by Randall Fitzgerald, we are explained the way thousands of chemical substances we are exposed to every day can cause us health problems.

I am just considering that today, there are over 100000 chemical products we use on the globe on a regular day, and most of them were not previously tested for human toxicity.

Before such a test could be finalized around 1000 years will have to pass, and the solution to actually protect our lives would be the way we reduce the exposure to everything that is chemically toxic.

Of course the complete and permanent reduction of exposure to those products is impossible but as I always tell my friends, trying is carrying and making things matter.

We all know that the “green” products have been around for many years and nowadays the science tries its best to keep up with our concern for the environment and create more and more green brands used for cleaning our homes or taking care of our gardens.

This logical first step, of using “green” detergents instead of chemical cleaning products can definitely reduce the house exposure to toxins and also help us take care better of our bodies.

green cleaning productsThe chemicals a regular housewife uses to clean her home or get rid of the pests in her garden are influencing the way her body responds to viruses and bacteria.

Our organism consumes a lot of our immunity capacity trying to protect us from the large amount of toxic substances we come in contact with, while doing general house work.

I remember a certain spot of grass near the place where the water drained after washing my car with detergent. Each time my car got washed, the grass became browner until it almost died.

Then I thought it was funny since the water was not touching it at all but after reading that book I did the experiment of washing my car without detergent and in two weeks the grass was green and shinny in the sunrays.

As strange as that may seem the detergent in the water was influencing the life of that insignificant grass even if it was entering the Earth two feet from it.

The major lesson I learned doing this was that the theory according to which the chemicals we use go straight into the water we drink is very true.

The nature is a powerful absorbent of our actions. The little choices we make influence not only future, but also our life.

I can’t help to think about the many times when my choices may have interfered with my health and I don’t know how and when I will regret them.


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