Our Disregard For The Most Precious Resource Will Lead To War In The Future


Water, the element that defines Earth as the Blue Planet, is by far the most important necessity after air. But, something that very few people know is the fact that only 2.5% of the Earth’s water is fresh. This should concern us deeply, as we are responsible for using this priceless resource.

Considering the past century, we are observing today a switch between human struggling upon the need for petrol to people fighting for water. It’s obvious, with no exaggeration that irrational use of terrestrial resources will lead to such kind of wars.

There have been estimated that an amount of 13 gallons of water will satisfy a person’s daily basic needs. Although, it seems that people always want more, even if we’re talking about… water… “just water”.

Besides the issues related to pollution and the outrageous demand of water proportional with population increase, there is another problem witch needs fast resolving: water appreciation. Why? Because we do not appreciate this vital liquid as it deserves. A strong proof would be the costs that it takes for filtering and purifying it before we can use it.

We don’t mean to get a fanatical behavior related to water use, but get the right understanding of its importance for our life and existence as a species.

Source: ecoearth


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