London Can Turn The Every Day Waste Into Sustainable Energy


recyclable garbageThe English capital generates around 22 million tonnes of garbage annually, enough to fill one of the tallest sky scrapers – canary Wharf- every 8 days.

It is a fact stated by the General Assembly for Environmental Problems that more than a half of the garbage produced in London reaches the waste deposits and only the 5th part of it is recycled.

By transforming the non-recyclable garbage, as well as the residual food products into energy through methods, which not imply burning, could reduce the volume sent to the garbage deposits – a very expensive option because of the additional taxes for waste deposits on land rising every day.

The gas resulted from the garbage processing could be used for heating or for generating electricity, reducing the CO2 emissions over London with 1.2 million tonnes and also the quantity of greenhouse effect emissions gases like methane, which are the direct results of the garbage deposits .

The environmental committee asked the mayor Johnson to take over the development for the technologies like anaerobic digestion, gasification and pyrolysis able to transform the garbage into energy.

The technologies are meeting a series of obstacles including the public opposition, difficulties in getting the consent for planning the long term contracts regarding the waste deposits, fact that slows the process very much standing against a cleaner London and an ecological source of energy.


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