How Is Recycling Metal Different Than Other Elements That Are Recycled?


metal recycleDid you know that recycling is not only just good for the planet and the environment but also very good for you as the recycler? That’s right. That’s because money can be made from recycled metal.

Did you also know that glass and steel are 100 percent recyclable and can continue to be reused time after time for an infinite number of times? This means that energy and raw materials are saved every time steel and glass are processed because they are 100 percent recyclable.

Most communities have scrap metal processors who buy metal from both individuals and companies that are then recycled by a steel mill. If the metal is not recycled at a steel mill it can also be recycled at a smelter for individual use in another product or at a foundry.

Sounds strange to say that metal can be recycled by an individual? It is common for some individuals to purchase and recycle the metal into pots and pans, metal castoffs and aluminum windows, lawn mowers and lawn furniture as well as aluminum cans.

In both situations, with companies and individuals purchasing the metal for recycling, the pay is based on the weight of the metal that is sold.

Many businesses buy an assortment of all grades of steel along with aluminum and copper, brass and scrap iron, as well as stainless steel scrap. Usually it is within these assortments that old vehicles are included as well as faucets and fixtures, fittings, stainless steel and brass plumbing, painted siding and aluminum cans.

Iron, aluminum and copper are all materials that can be recycled an infinite number of times. These materials can be made into new car parts, I-beams and even Craftsman tools. These can be recycled into these materials because metal is a material that can be re-melted and reformed again over and over again.

The reason it is important to take advantage of this benefit with this material is because otherwise everyone will be filling up landfills again.

In most communities there are pickup services that are available for those commercial customers and there are usually a variety of locations that individuals can drop off their metal castoffs at.

Usually when metal arrives at these drop off locations the metal (scrap metal) is inspected to determine if it should be processed for specific things. Most of the scrap metal is processed based upon the size and composition.


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