Enel And Piaggio Into New Hybrid Cars


Some more good news for those who think green, the Piaggio group and Enel have come together to develop low and zero environmental impact vehicles. They will aim at analyzing the mobility needs of corporate fleet customers. The two are testing the compatibility between Piaggio’s electric vehicles and Enel’s recharging infrastructure.

The two Italian giants are looking at solutions that can be provided to corporate fleets. They will combine their individual expertise to look for mobility and electric recharging needs of a fleet. They have worked in these fields to satisfy the needs of an individual and now aim to extend their impact.

This green move will create more awareness in the corporate sector and we may soon be witnessing entire corporate fleets that will be environment friendly. The two are looking at how they can increase the use of electric mobility solutions in the country.

Piaggio’s contribution will include technical data on hybrid and electric engines, their use and performance and recharging requirements. They will bring in their experience of hybrid electric vehicles like, the Porter Electric Power commercial vehicle, the Piaggio Mp3 Hybrid scooter and the Ape Calessino Electric Lithium three-wheeled vehicle.

Enel will contribute its massive electrical recharging infrastructure to research the compatibility of their technical layouts with the Piaggio hybrid electric vehicles.


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