China Bound To Use Sustainable Energy


According to the Reuters news agency, a new law introduced in China forces the electricity network operators to buy all the electricity produced with the aid of the sustainable power generators.

Also the voted law introduced this weekend offers unlimited power and authority to the Department of Energy and to the Department of Finance to estimate, which will be the proportion of sustainable energy, used over a certain period of time.

There are other countries with laws obligating the electricity companies to use sustainable energy even if it is more expensive than the traditional one.

In China, there is already a large network of wind power plants, but it is not very well connected to the national electricity network and in many cases the power plants are built in places where there is not a good wind and the large majority of the wind power plants are put in the areas with powerful wind like Gansu or Inner Mongolia where the request for electricity is low.

Xiao Liye, the manager of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences believes that the sustainable energy of China must be first  made to work and only then set as a main source for general population consumption.

The amendment is a welcome for the nuclear power plants and it is a fact that the operators refusing to use the sustainable energy will receive costly fines.


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