Asian Carp A Menace Due To Ecosystem Change


The lawsuit regarding Asian carps in the Great Lakes between Michigan and Illinois could come to an end soon.

The scandal started when Illinois was asked to close two locks in order to prevent the entrance and overpopulation of the Great Lakes with this type of carps, which are believed to threaten the lake’s ecology due to the fact that they grow over 100 pounds and eat ten times the amount of their weight of vegetation daily.

Another aspect of this problem is the fact that the commercial fishing industry could be destroyed. The defendants state that there is no proof whatsoever that these fish could cause this kind of damage and that these carps have been around other parts of the Great Lakes for over fifteen years, so the damage Michigan accuses should have been visible by now.

Michigan took this case to the Supreme Court early last month to force Illinois to close the two locks. This measure could also cause a lot of damage to the shipping industry of Illinois, which will conclude with the fact that a lot of people could lose their jobs. So no win – win solution has been found so far.

The decision of the Supreme Court in this case will be made, most likely, on Friday.  It seems even the biodiversity is threatened by the climate change.

Source: latimes


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