Are The Himalayan Glaciers Endangered Because Of The Climate?


Another view on the course of climate change was recently launched by the Global Warming Policy Formation, represented by Dr. Benny Peiser.

He characterized the IPPC analysis (stating that the Himalayan glaciers will melt within 25 years) as being hot air and lacking any scientific value. The consequence is obviously a strong damage to IPCC’s credibility which might prove its intentions of manipulating the general view on climate change by publishing the opinions of obscure scientists, the researches of which obviously lack transparency and accuracy.

The credibility loss suffered by the IPCC these last past years might also be the reason why, during the Copenhagen meeting, most of the participants have avoided to take the IPCC studies in consideration.

The assumption that the glaciers of Himalaya will melt completely in the next two decades was apparently launched by the ecologist association WWF, who borrowed it from an article of New Scientist (which published a pone-taken interview with an almost unknown Indian scientist, Syed Hasnain which then denied having declared anything) and then paid it forward to the IPCC.

When the experts on glacier matters have finally made public some declarations on the matter, they were astonished in their big majority by the fact that one could presume hundred feet thick glaciers could actually melt in less than 30 years. The actual rate of the melting is presently around two to three feet per year so we will enjoy normality and the benefits of Himalayan glaciers for a long time.


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