Apple Going “Green” Will End The Paper Magazine’s Existence


The future of the news starts to look different than we imagined it. And the main change Apple suggests through the Apple Tablet is the disappearance of paper publishing.

In a time when allowing your readers to consult the press on the internet, for free (as they have done for about 15 years now), is less and less profitable (the most part of media trusts are firing employees worldwide), Apple comes on stage with a tablet that offers a multitude of functions: from surfing the internet to playing games and reading e-books; of course, playing the role of a newspaper is a valid option, too.

The reason Apple Tablet has huge chances of being successful is its software. With the help of the iTunes Store, a platform anyone can purchase, anyone can subscribe to as many online publications as they like and get them instantly.

One thing is for sure: although it will take a while for people to get used to the idea that they have to pay for an online content, they will soon understand that this one is actually considerably cheaper than the printed version.

And since Apple promises to make it highly portable also, there seems to be no downside to the new technology in spite of considerable investments for a start. The change of things will certainly take time though but we are getting there. And there means…no more mountains of paper resulted from decimating trees.


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