An Ornamental Plant Can Help Prevent Water Pollution


In times when the problems of pollution and protecting the environment concern more and more people, researchers try to find solutions to annihilate potential disasters as much as they can.

And these researches seem to have reached their goals as the answers of protecting the environment lay in the nature itself, according to the results of their work.

Recent studies on urban water have revealed the fact that there is a high risk, due to the rapid population growth, that water in cities could be anytime contaminated which will shortly result to population getting ill.

So in order to prevent this unwanted disaster, researchers used a nutrient recirculation system which revealed the fact that the Canna ornamental plant has the ability to absorb nitrogen and phosphorus from the water.

This study has been made on several plants, but none of them seem to be as beneficial as this plant. So it is suggested that Canna should be used as a mitigation plant in urban treatment of the water.

This plant can also be harvested frequently so it has the ability to absorb consistent amounts of biomass from the system.

Canna adapts itself to temperate climates and can be grown in most countries of the world as long as they have at least six hours sunlight in summertime.


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