Ways To Go Green Without Changing Your Life


drinkling water1. Instead of using the Styrofoam cups at the office and instead of using the Styrofoam cups at the gas station take your own coffee mug with you.

Also, keep a plate and some silverware at the office with you so you can use those items each day then wash them, then reuse them the next day instead of going through the plastic and paper plates your firm provides for you.

2. Tap water is fine! There is nothing wrong with tap water and if there was something, you would have been done about it long before now.

So stop buying bottled water and start drinking water from the tap! Whether you are at work, at home or at school you can use the water fountains and faucet taps when you are thirsty for water.

3. Don’t open the refrigerator door and look in it while you decide what you are hungry for. Before you even open the door to your refrigerator decide what you are hungry for and be purposeful about your trip to the fridge.

4. Upgrading your cell phone? Then recycle your old one! Most cell phone companies have recycling programs that allow you to leave your old cell phone when you purchase a new one.


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