The Buses Prowling NY Go Electrical


The new electrical buses in the metropolis bring comfort and peace to the travelers but also to the traffic.

Currently only three such buses are up and running but the local authorities say that until the summer of 2010 a number of 87 buses will be purchased and put into the public transport network.

electrical- buses

In the crowded, polluted and noisy traffic in the city of New York this new line was introduced as a measure for reducing the amount of city pollution.

The electrical buses do not result polluting gases and are extremely silent because they are operated with an electrical turbine alimenting a Li-on battery using basically the same principles as the laptops.

Every time the driver pushed the brake the battery recharges. More than that, the buses have 37 places and are ecological also on the inside being illuminated by energy efficient LED lights.

When they stop or when they close the doors the electrical buses barely make a noise because the air conditioning on board eliminates the engine noise.

The buses are produced in New Zealand and the 87 pieces about to be ordered have a value of 559,000 dollars each but the cost is worth it considering the amount of pollution that will be reduced with them in one of the most polluted cities of the world.

Source: In Habitat


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