Pollution: Air And Water


air pollutionThere are two different kinds of pollution that affect us and our planet Earth.

With all the hype lately about ‘being green’ and the environment, we are inundated with various kinds of environmental issues as well as many various different ways to become greener and more environmentally conscious.

Two of these environmental issues have to do with pollution and they are air pollution and water pollution. Within these two types of pollution there are also different kinds such as light pollution, visual pollution and noise pollution.

Air pollution includes but is by no means limited to smog. Other types of air pollution are volatile organic compound, particulate matter, sulphur oxide and tropospheric ozone as well as indoor air quality.

Volatile organic compound air pollution is made up of organic chemical compounds. These organic chemical compounds have vapor pressures that are high enough under regular circumstances to literally vaporize and then enter the atmosphere. This form of air pollution is varied and numerous and can also be harmful and or toxic.

Tropospheric ozone is, essentially when abnormally high concentrations of pollutants are brought about. Human activities like gasoline and diesel fuel contribute to the collection of tropospheric ozone issues.

Water pollution is another kind of pollution that is greatly affecting our planet Earth today.

Some examples of water pollution are acid rain, marine pollution, oil spills, urban runoff, marine debris, ship pollution, Eutrophication, ocean dumping, thermal pollution, water crisis, ocean acidification and wastewater just to name a few.

Eutrophication is when chemical nutrients in the ecosystem increase. It is when these chemical nutrients increase so much they increase to an extent that the primary productivity of the ecosystem is increased thus creating negative environmental effects. Some of the potential negative environmental effects can be severe reductions in water quality and anoxia.

Ship pollution is exactly that pollution which ships leave in the oceans and seas. Whether it is a freight ship or a yacht or even a fishing boat the debris and gasoline left behind in the water is polluting the water.

Wastewater from these boats also contributes to the water pollution of our oceans and seas. When these boats have restrooms they are simply flushed into the ocean or sea.

Additionally, oil spills have been a large environmental issue over the past several decades. Oil spills not only pollute our water supply they are also responsible for killing millions of animals and ocean wildlife.


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