Over 300 Plants Were Discovered By The Biodiversity Researchers In 2009


The Kew Scientists have discovered an array of plant varieties mostly from the tropical forests, this year.

The diversity of external features, habit and habitat of the plants are very surprising for the scientists.

More than 200 species of them have been identified and botanists of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew are happy to achieve more than the targeted 250, as a part of celebration of Kew’s 250th anniversary.

Among the 300 new discoveries, Tanzania contributes 67, the highest, next is Borneo (62) followed by Madagascar (32). The new discoveries include innumerable species of Coffee plants, large canopy plants, new variety yams, palms, plenty of orchids, indigo plants and some fungi.

Almost 38 unknown species of Orchid, 24 types of Palm, 7 types of new Coffee plant, 14 species of Indigos have been enlisted, which include a number of endangered and vulnerable species. E.g. A red passion flower that has egg-shaped fruits, discovered from Brazil can become extinct due to deforestation.

Some mentionable discoveries include, a relative of Pea, from Korup National Park, Cameroon being this year’s biggest plant, and the smallest is an Australian fungus responsible for wood rotting, an yam from South Africa with anti-cancer property etc.

These discoveries prove that there are still many plants waiting to be identified with their unknown valuable properties.

Source : Eco Earth


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