Our Home Gadgets Leave A Huge Carbon Footprint


carbon-gadgetsCarbon footprints are a way to measure how our day to day activities directly impact the environment.

It measures in particular how those same activities impact climate change.

Carbon footprints relate directly to how much greenhouse gas is produced in our lives through utilizing fossil fuels for our transportation needs as well as our heating and electricity and whatever else we may use those fuels for.

Everything in your household has a carbon footprint.

From your clothing to your food, to yes, even your cleaning supplies, they all impact the climate. Think about how they are made.

If you want to know how to reduce your footprint a great place to start is right in your own home.

All that you plug in, charge, use and collect for the sake of trend … commonly known as gadgets is carrying a major footprint as polluting as burning plastic or driving a diesel.

Think about what you buy when you shop.You can tell a lot from how a product is packaged. Look for items in little to no packaging or recycled packaging to reduce waste and encourage you to recycle at home.

Reusable items are always best. This can be anything from shopping bags to diapers and cotton napkins as opposed to paper ones.

Gadgets may be fun but changing them for the sake of trend is not a good idea. Keep in mind that all turns out in the garbage eventually, and the more you save , the larger is the amount of energy you burn using them.

And the energy is not yet that constant source of power we all dream of.

Source:  Environmental Leader


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