Is Your Electric Utility Ready for the Electric Car?


With what appears to be a perfect storm building on the horizon for electric vehicles, some utilities are way ahead of others when it comes to readying the grid–and their customers–for a large-scale deployment of the paradigm-changing electric car.

It’s the 240-volt elephant in the room (or 120-volt if you are plugging-in via a standard 20-amp wall plug). What would happen if everyone ran out tomorrow and bought an electric car or plug-in hybrid vehicle?

electirc-car-Garage-of-FutureWouldn’t we just be shifting our carbon emissions to coal-fired power plants and threatening the stability of an already taxed North American grid?

A recent study by the Electric Power Research Institute and the Natural Resources Defense Council concluded that by 2050 the widespread adoption of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles could reduce annual vehicle emissions of greenhouse gases by more than 450 million metric tons.

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