How To Dispose Of Your Electronics The Green Way?

  1. Cell phone recycleCRTs can be recycled either through your nearest recycling center or possibly the manufacturer. Check with your local listings and retailers for more information.
  2. Cell phones should be able to be recycled through the manufacturer. Wherever you bought your phone from or wherever you are buying your new phone that retailer should offer a cell phone recycling program.
  3. Start now by categorizing and organizing all of your unused or outdated electronics.
  4. Electronic organizers and electronic calendars such as Palms, Treos and Blackberrys should be able to be recycled through the manufacturer as well. If the manufacturer does not take used electronic organizers to recycle then check with your local listings as well. Most retailers and companies are quickly jumping on the ‘electronic recycling’ program.
  5. If you are in the process of moving or possibly in the process of remodeling your home you may be coming across a plethora of different electronics that you will need to dispose of safely. If this is the case, consider renting a professional recycling company or having a professional recycling company or disposal company come out to your home and pick up your items.
  6. While you are going through all of your electronics for recycling opportunities you should also be paying attention to recycling events that may be going on in your community. Oftentimes big retailers have recycling events. At these recycling events you can take all of your outdated electronics to these events. Retailers will take anything from a hair dryer to a calculator to a TV at these events.
  7. Have you heard of the Wireless Foundation? Did you know that by donating or recycling your cell phone with this organization you can actually help victims of domestic violence as well as underprivileged people who cannot afford to purchase a cell phone? There is a foundation called the Wireless Foundation and they refurbish and reuse all and any cell phones that are donated to them. Usually the cell phones go to victims of domestic violence or maybe they go to people with disabilities or who cannot afford cell phones.
  8. You can also check with your city or your local municipality in regards to different recycling options for your electronics. Many cities and municipalities have set up recycling programs throughout the past decade to assist in keeping our water supplies clean and making for a cleaner Earth when it comes to electronic clean up and recycling.


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