Ethanol is the Future In Bio Fuel


EthanolAlmost everyone heard nowadays about bio-fuels, being a well-known fact that the revolutionary using of  corn, beet and cane to produce a less polluting kind of fuel has been welcomed in a world threatened by climate changing.

Oil prices and EPACT2005 made the bio-fuels’ use to increase ; although, the economical, technical and regulatory resolutions are still critical for future use of the major bio-fuels : corn based ethanol, cellulose  and bio-diesel.

Using of ethanol blending in U.S. seems to have increased since 2005 due to the conjunction of some factors like bio-fuel extra demanding and increasingly construction of flexible-fuel vehicles, but despite the growing request for ethanol-mixture fuels, it is obvious that the demand of gasoline will increase too (although for its blending function more than its energy generation role).

From the economical point of view it’s mandatory to understand the significance of prices related to raw crops costs and feed-stocks costs, for there is a struggle between farmers and bio-fuel producers, meaning that less payment on raw materials are not sustained by the first ones.

There should be some more conscience and discernment for those who are leading the world’s energy sources, because the purposes and interests of life preservation sustainers are in opposition to the oil extractors’ way of thinking.

There is a big challenge so we need some wisdom in our decisions.

Source : Eia


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