Economical Recession Distracts People From The Climate Change Problems


The decision factors on the worldwide scale cannot use the recession as an excuse to delay taking position concerning the climate changes which according to the scientists are still going on in spite of the economical crisis.

In a recent analysis, they predicted that the recession will decrease the carbon dioxide emissions with 9% until 2012 and will delay the eruption of dangerous climate changing with only 21 months.


The report published by the ESCR Center compared the economical previsions done before the recession and the current estimations reported to the today’s economical situation at the worldwide level.

This report has been used to evaluate the effects of this carbon emission situation over the world’s climate.

Even if the most favorable predictions are followed the economists predict only a small delay before the global warming will be significantly raised by 2C degrees, this being the threshold set by the European Union for the start of the drastic climate change.

The report which uses the economical data from IMF and UK National Institute for Economy and Social Research have shown the fact that if the recession would have taken place in the 30’s the impact would have been a lot less devastating.

But under the current conditions, the financial crisis contributed only to a very small delay of the global warming leading the world to future drastic change.

Source : Climate Change News


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