Copenhagen Climate Summit Concludes: “Don’t Nuke The Planet”


climate-changesDenmark is welcoming the Copenhagen climate change summit with the participation of over 100 world leaders, 16,500 delegates, officials, advisers, journalists and royalty members.

The summit is described as the most important gathering since the World War II and concluded with some sharp decisions and suggestions.

Considering the last chances to save the world, an investigation’s results were discussed with the explanation from the head of the unit, Professor Phil Jones.

Sharing the findings with the people would always be a questionable everlasting question, especially when the subject covers results of gigantic importance from the whole world.

Thus, some polls about whether to trust scientists’ explanations or not generally show that people do not trust the issues of climate change. Scientists generally try to explain that temperatures have not risen to new highs throughout the last 10 year period however there are rumors about information leaking from the summit walls stating totally otherwise.

The public demonstrations asked loud and clear the world leaders to stop using nuclear energy. As political opinions seem to be leading at getting out of the economical crisis by any possible means, this summit had hid behind the closed doors a plan meant to restore an energy plan based on nuclear resources.

Although scientists and those kinds of summits always say that we should protect the world as fast and efficient as we can, the trust issue which is a growing problem between people and scientists must be taken into consideration, or will damage the political climate for sure.

Source : Aip News


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