Chevy Volt Out To Compete Prius


General motors are known to produce the best cars in the world. This is due because of their innovative ideas.

Recently they developed and launched the chevy volt model. The car possessed a non plug in hybrid kind of machinery.


However this version of their Malibu was not received well in reviews. This is because it was not efficiently fueled. The GM discontinued producing this kind of car because of the problem it posed to the consumers.

Next year this company intends to produce the Buick Regal which is the next version of this new technology. It uses lithium ion batteries that are proven to be much efficient on gas. Actually this is not new with GM products.

chevy-volt 1

You can find this on other models like Yukon and Cadillac escalade. Today, they are producing other hybrid vehicles that would certainly do good for the company in terms of sales. According to the news, currently GM is reviewing its strategy to go for hybrid technology.

The company’s product planners want to focus now on plug in and electric cars such as Chevrolet volt.

Its competitor the Honda cars expected sales growth when they launched their Prius. This has definitely increased the interest of GM for creating hybrid cars.

Source : Good Clean Tech


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