Australia Request Japan To Stop The Whale Hunt


Japan conducts research work on whales and this is why every year they sail for whale hunt near Antarctica.

Continuous whale hunt during the years is threatening the existence of this mammals and artificial breeding or culture methods are hardly possible to restore this key species in the waters of the Antarctic Ocean.


The Japan government has adopted a new policy to continue their whale predating annually although opposed strictly worldwide by nature foundations and diplomats.

Mr. Kevin Rudd, Australian Chief Minister has told the Reuters that he does not agree with Japan’s so-called whale hunting for scientific research. He also added that if Japan does not approach to resolve this issue with them diplomatically they will take legal action internationally.

Japan has still been a law-abiding country but their whale hunting has compelled natural activists to take serious steps. Japan has harpooned plenty of mink whales and fin whales, both endangered species.

Anti whaling activists are ready to disrupt Japan’s practice. Though commercial whale hunting is forbidden, Japan government says eating whale meat is their tradition and the need for research work, great and they will not review their policy at this moment about this matter.

Though eating whales is not common in Japan and whaling is simply their tradition, there is no doubt that they are overlooking the destructive consequences.


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